Pursuant to Article 2 of Law No. 20,444, the Ministry of Finance will issue certificates attesting to the donations made to the National Reconstruction Fund in accordance with the specifications and requirements established by resolution of the Internal Revenue Service (SII).

The Ministry of Finance has made it possible for donors to obtain their certificate electronically. If you have already made a donation, you can obtain your certificate directly from this website.

To request the certificate, you must know the folio number of the document issued by the General Treasury of the Republic, as this information will authenticate you as the recipient of the document.

The certificate will be available once the Ministry of Finance is aware that the donation has been made, as confirmed by the information provided by the General Treasury of the Republic.

Special cases:

  • Foreign currency: For donations in foreign currency, the amount will be converted into Chilean pesos according to the exchange rate reported by the Central Bank of Chile on the day the donation is made for the purposes of Form No. 6, Chapter I, Compendium of International Exchange Regulations.
  • In-kind donations: For in-kind donations, the certificate will be issued once the value of the donation and its delivery are established. Given that Form No. 60, issued by the General Treasury of the Republic, is used only for cash donations and not for in-kind donations, the Ministry of Finance will inform donors of the number or code that will enable them to obtain the certificate.
  • In cases where the donor signs an agreement for the execution of specific projects and in which it has been agreed that the donor will directly manage the resources pledged to finance the project, the Ministry of Finance will issue the certificate(s) upon confirmation that all or part of the contributions have been paid, either upon completion of the project, or partial progress thereof, in accordance with the terms of the agreement.