Donations in cash, in kind and/or project execution

Donations may be in cash or in kind, be earmarked for a specific public or private project, or be made directly to the fund itself.

In addition, donations can be made to a specific project along with the execution of the project itself without necessarily transferring the money to the Reconstruction Fund, but still eligible for the same tax benefits for the donation.

Donations are accepted from individuals or legal entities, whether foreign or Chilean, and taxpayers subject to first category tax, global complementary tax, single second category tax, additional tax and/or inheritance, allocations, and donations tax.

  • Cash donations may be made in Chilean or foreign currency and are made to the General Treasury of the Republic by filling out a form, either at its offices, through its network of banks and authorized agencies, or online.
  • For in-kind donations, please complete one of the following forms, indicating the donation and its value. Send the form to The Ministry of Finance will contact the donor to inform them how to make the donation and will register it in the fund.
  • For donations that include project execution, please contact directly and indicate which project from the project catalog you would like to execute and fund directly. If you wish to execute a project that is not in the catalog, you must propose the project and indicate your interest in donating its execution by contacting the same address.

For more information on the legal framework for donations, please see the Frequently Asked Questions. If you still have any questions, please contact us via e-mail at