Advisory Committee

To carry out these duties, the regulations establish an Advisory Committee composed of five persons:

  • Minister of Finance, Mario Marcel C.
  • Minister of the Interior and Public Security, Carolina Tohá
  • Minister of Social Development and Family, Javiera Toro
  • Ministry of Housing and Urban Planning, Carlos Montes
  • Ministry of Agriculture, Esteban Valenzuela

The Advisory Committee has the following duties:

  • Advise the Ministry of Finance on the administration of the Fund, which includes making recommendations or proposals regarding the use of resources that have not been earmarked for a specific project by the donor.
  • Advise the Ministry of Finance in the definition of specific projects that may be financed with earmarked donations.
  • Collaborate with the Ministry of Finance in all necessary and appropriate actions to publicize the provisions and tax benefits established in Law No. 20,444 and to attract resources for the objectives set forth in said law.
  • Any other advisory or collaborative duties attributed to the Committee by the regulations.